I think I lost the 21st due to battery failure
today though we are going to see the doggies! YAY!
Yesterday I walked up to the cafe up the hill and it took 35 minutes Today I think I am going to try to wind my way back down a different way and it should be 2.4 miles.
We drove to Martigny to see the St Bernard dogs today, and once there had a very good lunch with fries that put McDonalds to shame, and that is really saying something. We also tried the Rosti which was great with smelly feet Gruyere cheese on top. YUM! We then wandered into the dog enclosure and were greeted by large glass encased pounds where the dogs are kept. They have nice runs outside and a dog door to leave as they please. In the main cage there was a pile of dog in one corner, actually a pile of puppy to be exact and laying in the middle looking extemely worn out was the mother. The heaving pile of puppy in the corner came to life an separated into 8 of the cutest little 6 week old St Bernard puppies you coulod imagine. Luckily for us, the handler was there and he went into the cage 3 times to get different pups for us to look at and pet. The fur was incredibly soft and of course they were so cute and cuddly, no teeth to really bite with and still with their baby fur. We wandered around the museum learning about the history of the monks and the pilgrims and how the dogs came to be the rescuers as they are known for but in the end we could not resist going back down to see the furry little critters one more time.
We got home before dark and dropped by the Co-op and the creme brulee store before getting in. I made dinner, swedish meatballs and spatzli and pasta for dad. Very tasty if I do say so myself!!