Unfortunately I missed going to Penetang this weekend since Thunder apparently can’t keep from eating things he shouldn’t. Nicole noticed some thread on the floor inthe basement and wouldn’t you know Thunder decided it would make a great little snack. After the drama of last time, the stitches and the stress we decided I should stay home and monitor the poop and be there in case he had another intestine wrapup. After 48 hours on poop patrol I am happy to say that it looks like he will be fine. He thinks I am a weirdo now since I was following him around all weekend but at least he is none the worse for wear.
The upside of this is that I FINISHED THE KITCHEN!!!! Yes, it has only been about a year since we started but this weekend I finally finished the grouting and put the project to bed. I also managed to make Nicole her plate holder for the massive dinner plates that won’t fit in the cupboard. This is part of an ongoing trend of late that has seen me finishing what I had started. I managed to put down a peel and stick floor in the basement over top of the wooden subfloor which, coincidentally I finished just 2 days after Thunder got sick last year. We got the PNS tiles from Home Depot on sale for 1/2 price so that was a deal. Once the peel and sticks were down, I purchased some trim and baseboards and casing for the doors and finished the whole lot! So now the basement, along with Nicoles very tasteful paint job actually looks like a real room, at least until you get to the rubber mat flooring that makes up the gym part of the basement. The doors are all finished and trimmed out and all that remains in the basement is to paint the trim pieces. I am in two minds whether to baseboard above the rubber flooring or to leave it so that anyone who buys the house can trim it themselves if they choose not to keep the gym flooring.

My boss and junior nethead are away this week which means I will probably get quite a lot done and it should be fairly quiet.

I have also made some startling discoveries about this website… It was March 2003 the last time I posted more than 5 times in a month and in fact I spent most of 2003 not writing at all. For a quick review, the last time I posted 6 times was during SARS here at the hospital, or as we like to call it, the cesspool of infection… Now that is messed up. If I think of all the stuff that has happened since then that should have gone in here it is crazy… However, there are still the biggest stories yet to be written and they should all be happening soon so take your ringside seat and wait…