Travel Day – Sunday 18th Dec to Monday 19th Dec 2006

We had all day Sunday to prepare, an idea that proved to be a magnificaent bonus for us since every other time we have come over here we have taken the early flight. Having the day to get read means you don’t forget stuff due to being too sleepy and you actually have time to relax and prepare yourself. We left at 345 in a limo driven by lurch’s taller younger sister and because it was Sunday night it only took us 40 minutes to get to the airport. We had alerady checked in, another time saving and extremely bright thing to do so all we had to do was drop the bags and we were done. So we made our way to Swiss Chalet, ironically, and had some chicken and scratched our bingo tickets. Time was really flying and so we decided to go straight through to the gates after dinner whcich was a good idea since it took us probably 20 minutes to get through. Even with this stringent, or apparently stringent search system they have I still managed to get 2 vials of cream and a large bottle of contact lens solution through the security people. We got to the gate as we were boarding and were very happy to find that once on the plane it was a new 777 and we had front row bulkhead seats in the World Traveller Plus compartment meaning we had leg room to die for. The flight was relatively uneventful, I watched Wicker Man with Nick Cage but I will have to watch it again to see the 40 minutes I fell asleep for in the middle. They didn’t provide me with my vegetarian meal, good thing I was faking or I would have thrown my organic hummus at them. Nicole got hers and it looked quite good, vegetarian penne with salad and crudites. We landed in London and had to change planes for the 1h10m flight from Heathrow to Geneva. The plane was much smaller however still larger than I recall the last Air Canada plane we were on. At this point, I think I realized very little could actually go wrong and promptly went unconscious for the entire flight. We arrived in Geneva at about 1130 am and our luggage was almost the first off the carousel. The weather was beautfiul, clear and sunny and about 3 degrees and not a spot of snow in sight. Mum was very happy to see us and it was really a relief to see her looking so good. In her haste to get us home she left the parking ticket in the machine but Nicole found it thankfully and we set off for home. It got late very quickly and although Fiz and Gordon’s flight was delayed by an hour it was very soon that they arrived at the station. So we were all finally here, the only person missing was the patient of the hour, Dad, who will be home on Wednesday to make the homecoming complete.
We made some mashed cauliflower with garlic (remember to cook the garlic next time) and mashed potato with roasted chicken for dinner. This was after our trip to the Co-op where we found that the GPS does work here and that they have TONS of Weight Watchers food in the supermarket all labelled with the point values which will make things much easier for us.