Tuesday December 19th
I got up at about 9, however my first eye opening was at about 7am when I really should have dragged my lazy butt out of bed. I had some muesli and then unpacked the suitcase, realizing that I had packed some of my worst possible clothing. Our first excursion with Mum took us to Placette where she went off to play bridge and we continued into the mall to look for clothes. Of course we found nothing but the odd dog and a mall full of fashionably dressed Europeans saying nothing but “pardon” to each other. We eventually made it to the restaurant on the top floor, a marche type place and sat and waited for Fiz and Gordon… and waited… and waited. Eventually we started to have lunch, a slice of pizza, a side of vegetables for Nicole and a chicken shnitzel with bean chili, green beans and roast potato for me. By the time we had finished and also devoured a piece of tarte a la creme we were conviced they were a no show. As we stood to leave, nicole spotted them coming in looking fairly fresh and worry free, however we were soon to learn that they had not been able to locate the car keys mother was supposed to leave for them and therefore had to get the train into town…
We departed so that F and G could do some grocery shoppng and Nicole and I could go and search for a patisserie that would have a slightly more creamy and less rubbery tarte a la creme. We wandered the block and found the last remaining slice of pie and ran back to the mall out of the cold. Now when I say cold I don’t really mean cold, I mean it was a little too brisk for me to be out in just a t-shirt however everyone else was bundled up like it was -25 outside. It was probably 1 or 3 degrees, perfectly normal weather for being out and about but the way people were scurrying about like ants you would think the deep freeze was here.
We met up with F and G again and grabbed the car (10CHF parking by the way) and drove home. Before dinner, we went for a quick walk, 17 minutes aroudn the block. Dinner was uneventful, we had chicken and of course pie. After dinner we did our workouts, the pushups and Nicole’s things that she got from her gym and then kicked back to watch some tv