We decided that we should meet at the restaurant, Masseys instead of going to the house to talk to Nicole’s Mum and Dad. I mean it was a little unorthodox anyway that Nicole was going to be there and so I figured that we may as well talk to them over dinner rather than standing in their kitchen. The plan was to order food, ask Nicole’s parents if I could marry their daughter and then eat my nachos. Unofrtunately, I had forgotten that Masseys has a habit of bringing your food just slightly before you are finished ordering and as such I had only just said the word nacho when Nicole’s Dad’s soup arrived… So much for timing.

So as the food arrived and Nicole and I kept looking at each other and giggling like six year olds I realized it was going to have to happen before they came back to get the plates, however much of a race that was going to turn out to be. However, with the nervous energy that was pervading our meal, Nicole and I dove headfirst into our food like it was the national eating championships. Seriously, it was nothing short of a feeding frenzy, cheese and chicken strips flailing around in a sauce covered carnival of madness. So much for that. So as I sat in front of my empty place setting, waiting for the humans to finish their food I fidgeted wtih my hands and looked around the room for an escape pod of some sort. As Nicole and I started to giggle uncontrollably again I finally blurted out that the reason Nicole was laughing so hard was that we had invited them there for a specific reason. By this time I think Nicole’s Mum had lost all the feeling in her hand from Nicole squeezing it so hard, but she was still able to ask if we were going to tell them the reason, to which I responded…


At least that is what it felt like. Roughly translated into English it was something along the lines of “I wanted to ask your permission and blessing to marry Nicole” at which point I almost got sunburn from Nicole’s face as she beamed at her parents waiting for them to speak. It did cross my mind to make a nervous joke about being a minister and marrying her to a rich businessman but I decided against it. Her parents stared in suspended animation for what seemed like forever until her mum finally said “That is the best news I have had in a long time”. And so it went, we spent the rest of the evening talking about how we found the ring, and how we had to smuggle it into the country and why she had already been wearing it and how come she wasn’t allowed to wear it now. Well, all that traditional stuff went out the window when we bought the ring together, considering I wasn’t going to be able to surprise her with it! Actually though, the defining moment of the whole process was when I agreed to buy it for her, I don’t think she was actually expecting me to. She stood in front of the counter, ring on her finger, crying and absolutely without the capacity to breathe. That was the moment that made it all worthwhile for me, after all, who wouldn’t want to leave their girlfriend speechless if they could.

Sorry, fiance.. 🙂