Plants grow quicker if you feed and water them. Obviously, there is a point past which that becomes counterproductive. If you give them too much, they may never thrive. This weekend, you find yourself waiting for something to happen. You can only do a certain amount to hasten the process. But what steps you can take, you should. The right kind of effort, made in a sensitive way in an appropriate moment, will have an enormous impact. You will still need to be patient but for nowhere near as long.
August 25, 2006
Today you could pick up some intuitive impressions about other people, simon. Sometimes you are very tuned into your family members. You often understand just what your loved ones are feeling and thinking. This psychic side of you could be hyperactive today. You might be a little overcome with how much energy you are picking up from other people. Take care of yourself. Make time to relax and to unwind so that you don’t soak up too many vibrations!

Obviously a load of old crap then.

Today is the day Nicole said YES!!!

I was off work today trying to tie up soem loose ends at home and tidy the garage but by the time Nicole had been gone an hour I was fixated on some way not to have to wait until dinner in some cheezy (or not cheezy) restaurant to ask Nicole to marry me. So I came up with a pretty cool way to let her and half the neighbourhood know what my question was. I suspended a 7ft by 15ft tarp off the inside of the garage door and spray painted it with a huge red heart and in gold lettering it read “Will you marry me??”. It was hung in such a way that when she got home from work and opened the garage door to come into the house the huge banner would reveal itself until it filled the double garage with the most important question of my life…
..and it worked like a charm. I had also bought a dozen long stemmed roses to give her when I asked and she was just tickled when the enormous message was slowly revealed to her. I know it may not have been the most traditional way to do it, but in our lives we tend to do things a little differently than most, and impulsive kinda crazy stuff is our hallmark. Funnily enough, there was a guy standing in the driveway next door when she opened the door and commented that it was the first enegagement he had been to!
I guess it was more to the fact that we had been in possession of the ring for almost a week and she had been wearing it and having to go to work knowing that it was sitting at home when it should have been on her finger. It was not the surprise I had imagined, however it was more important I think that she got the ring she really wanted and that she can be proud of.