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No time for nostalgia I have surfing to do

I was wandering aimlessly around the internet looking for some info on rugby and Oakville when I came across this little gem:

it is the 100th anniversary of Oakville Trafalgar high School and it is being held in 2008 in Oakville. Now I only went to the school for a year, but since it was my first year in Canada it was spectacularly significant to me and I certainly remember it like it was yesterday. At this point I will definitely plan to attend, but then again, who knows that maybe in a year from now we won’t even be living here any more.

The most bizarre thing about this was the feeling I got while searching around from link to link, it reminded me of my very first exposure to the internet or “World Wide Web” as it was called back in the 80’s. I remember starting with a single thought in mind and going site to site following links in this bizarre kind of stream of consciousness mode and ending up wading through reams of information on a dozen different subjects and my eyes being opened so wide by the deluge of words and pictures. Nowadays, being in computers we seem to use the internet as a tool to dig for specific information (at least I do) and not really the way we used to, just to surf around and see what was out there. I was, just for a while, taken back to the time when it was like someone opening the door of your jail cell and exposing the whole world to you in all it’s magnificent glory.

Winona Ryder served me dinner…

That’s what you get for shoplifting I guess, you are destined to be a reception clerk at a wedding caterer in Bowmanville.

We went with the future in-laws to King’s Court Catering and I really have to say up front, bravo for the Yorkshire Pudding appetizers. We arrived and were ushered into a kind of old industrial mill type building with whitewashed walls and a couple of tables set up for serving the hot food. There was also the largest chocolate fountain I have ever seen with various dipping items just waiting for me to stick my head into. We started off with oyster shooters, that is an oyster in Clamato juice with flavoured salt around the rim. There was also a fried wonton wrapper with some kind of seasoned choped meat on it which was very tasty. They also had 3 dips, a tzatziki, a roasted red pepper and a hummous which were all fine as far as dips go. Then it was through to the main course area, where a nervous looking kid served us some Prime Rib (which actually looked like plain roast beef to me) with au jus and the aforementioned Yorkie bombs. I call them that because they were tiny Yorkies with a rolled up piece of beef in them, filled with au jus. Wow! Tasty!

There were other hors d’oeuvres, plenty of little pastry things like sausage rolls, veggie samosas and jerk chicken rolls but none compared. We tried the chicken along with the choice of 3 sauces and by this time with several Yorkies in me I was starting to slow. I did try the cherry cheesecake but I am really not a big desert person so I went back and snuck another Yorkie for good measure.

The food was pretty good, I would say good quality for a wedding, nothing to blow your socks off, but then again, we don’t have $10,000 to spend on food… Of course I dipped a few marshmallows in the chocolate fountain which was very good and I also was pleasantly surprised by the punch which was light and refreshing.

Another item off the list, I am now searching for more caterers willing to fill me up for free!

EEK! It's a naturopath!

We visited a naturopath the other day, a visit which was interesting however I am not sure beyond recommending a few herbs and some roots to chew on that it will do much good. However in my neverending search for healthy alternatives, this is a route I must investigate. We went to the Canadian Naturopathic College across the bridge from work, a place where they have 4th year students work on you for a discount.
Can you say maze mice?
So anyway, after my initial meeting with Kelly, my intern, we went to the lab where another nervous nelly poked into my arm a few times looking for a vein. I don’t envy her position, but God forbid if I was queezy about needles! We have to go back next monday for a follow up and probably each week for a few weeks to get the program going. They are probably going to say that eatng cookies for dinner is wrong, but I guess that is typical! 🙂

If we took the cats with us for an appointment would they get the Homeowpathy treatment?