Time is flying…

The Leafs didn’t make the playoffs, what a shocker.
Suriya got fired, along with everyone else except Stephani and FINALLY they kicked Sanjaya off American Idol.
I have 5 weeks consecutive weight loss at Weight Watchers and I have spent 2 weeks on a food allergy diet where I cannot eat any Wheat, Milk products, Caffeine or sugar. It has not been as hard as I thought it would be since I can have oatmeal for breakfast and lots of protein. I also joined the local health club for 4 months (www.timberlaneathleticclub.com) but since I put my back out on Friday I have only been once. Yes, I put my back out again, however within 4 days I am back at work, so I can’t really complain I suppose. Sooner or later, disc replacement surgery will be as commonplace as hip or knee replacement and I will get a brand new disc.
Liverpool are in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League and they play Chelsea today. Whatshername Sparks sang “You’ll never walk alone on Idol last night and got a lot of praise for doing so… I got goosebumps.