I, like most people, have grown to love Nicholas Cage. He surfaced for me in Raising Arizona and although mired in mediocrity for years, has emerged as a solid and dependable actor. This movie is, not surprisingly since it has such strong ties with it, in the same vein as “Seven”. If you allow yourself to be drawn in to the story, you will find it disturbing. If you know the worlds that collide, the sick side of the world of pornography and the underground of Private Investigation, this movie will really disturb you. I found myself in Cage’s shoes more than once, tracing my steps around my own movements in the past, searching for, tracking and trapping people in their lives and their lies. There are few things in this world as sick as child abuse, the child pornography industry and the taking of a child’s life. This movie, not surprisingly, has them all. It is skillfully constructed not to play the emotional side of the story too blatantly. The action and the authenticity of Cage distract you enough that the sick depravity of the crime is held in check as an undercurrent. It surges and resurfaces from time to time and is played at key points to help the plot, not flood the viewer with crude shock-value. The balance that is maintained throughout the film is wonderful, the delicate weighing of evils and crusades makes for a thoroughly enjoyable film which is deep enough and significant enough to overcome the disgust at it’s subject matter. Cage, naturally, is filled by his character. He has an inherent naïveté that permeates all of his characters, no matter how mean, cruel or violent they become. It is as if his characters are dragged from themselves and placed just beyond their realm in every movie in which he stars. It makes him eminently believable, as if his humanity is always just beneath the surface, as if he could make us all believe that there is some good in everyone. The supporting cast are strong and convincing in their roles. The movie is very well written, extremely well directed in parts and all in all is worth seeing on the big screen.

Rating 8. Another movie destined to become a Cage classic
Theatre / Video Theatre. See it in the theatre if at all possible.
Rewind / Return I would see it again. There are plenty of things I’m sure I missed the first time.
Highlight Cage’s shaking hand holding the gun after beating the porn peddler to death.The scene with Cage in sunglasses outside Machine’s home – Nice cinematography.
Favorite Quote “I’m never going to get tired of hurting you…”

“Alright, Snuff 2, The Resurrection…”