However an engagement picture is far more difficult to create than a thousand words.

We went to Millbrook, an hour and a half away to see our photographer yesterday to get our “engagement photos” done. First, I am not aware that there is such a thing as engagement photos and second I was not thrilled at having to drive out there after having been at work since 6am working on the firewall. At any rate, we went to make the most of it and unfortunately had lots of time to kill on the way. We decided to stop by the Oshawa Centre to kill some time and I have to ask, what the hell happened to Oshawa? I felt like I was in some suburb of Buffalo with the white trash people around there. I mean I remember it being a little blue collar, nothing wrong with that, but this was ghetto white trash in the extreme. I was actually embarrassed for the people living there seeing the crowd of lazy miscreants hanging out by the doors. Shocking is not nearly enough to describe my amazement at the transformation of the once middle class clean cut shopping centre. So I got a small bag of Kernels and we left to head on our way.

The drive out to Millwood is really nice, very picturesque and even though you do get a little Deliverance feeling from the area it is a very enjoyable drive. Gill, our GPS lady had noproblem getting us there and on the way back kept us off the highway as we meandered our way back home along the back roads.

The photo shoot itself was a bit, well, odd I guess. It is just weird having someone filming you or photographing you as you just kind of stand there and cuddle. We were both a little uncomfortable at times, although Nicole was far slower to warm up to the idea than I was. The problem is that neither of us take particularly good photos at the best of times and when the pressure is on to perform, I can’t imagine that the outcome is going to be spectacular. We will just have to see I guess, but our hopes are not very high given that he only shot 2 rolls of black and white.

Time will tell…