Well, being a die-hard Jack Nicholson fan, I loved this movie. I would even go so far as to say that Helen Hunt was not bad in her role and as always, Cuba Gooding Jr. was excellent. The movie revolves around an obsessive-compulsive who is  a brilliant writer and bitterly obnoxious persona. I can completely sympathize with the character and found the behaviour less bizarre than most. The supporting cast was well picked for their victim to friend transformations and I even admit that by the end of the movie I no longer wanted to skewer the dog. Highly recommended as many times as you can see it.

Rating 8. Like your favorite pizza, it’s always good because it’s always good, just not spectacular.
Theatre / Video Pay the 8 bucks, it was worth it.
Rewind / Return I’d watch it again without hesitation.
Highlight Putting the dog in the garbage chute. I am an animal fanatic, but this was just hilarious. (It’s a movie!)
Favourite Quote “I think people who talk in metaphors should shampoo my crotch”