With the memory of Lost Boys, I expected good things from this vampire flick and I am happy to say I was not disappointed. In the mold with which it was cast, it is a good movie. Wesley Snipes does a great job as the Daywalker and has some moves you would not believe. There is a great deal of fast-paced action, lots of gory and graphic scenes, and comic irony thrown in. It is an unoriginal plot done in an original fashion. It was entertaining, didn’t leave any unnecessary gaps and was not filled with moral or needless romantic messages. There are clever humorous veins running through the plot, and with a very “Roadhouse” kind of relationship with his mentor, Snipes manages to kill the bad guys, not get involved with any women, and stick true to his cause which rarely happens in these types of movie. The hero is usually changed by his love interest and persuaded to leave his life of darkness and move out to the country with the beautiful co-star. but not Wesley, he’s too cool for that.

Rating 7.5 It delivers on it’s promise with entertainment and flair.
Theatre / Video Theatre. I would see it if you can, but it wouldn’t be a waste to wait for video.
Rewind / Return It is definitely a see again on video.
Highlight The exploding corpses, very original effects and the “Bloodbath” party scene.
Favorite Quote “Let’s try fire this time…”