We visited a naturopath the other day, a visit which was interesting however I am not sure beyond recommending a few herbs and some roots to chew on that it will do much good. However in my neverending search for healthy alternatives, this is a route I must investigate. We went to the Canadian Naturopathic College across the bridge from work, a place where they have 4th year students work on you for a discount.
Can you say maze mice?
So anyway, after my initial meeting with Kelly, my intern, we went to the lab where another nervous nelly poked into my arm a few times looking for a vein. I don’t envy her position, but God forbid if I was queezy about needles! We have to go back next monday for a follow up and probably each week for a few weeks to get the program going. They are probably going to say that eatng cookies for dinner is wrong, but I guess that is typical! 🙂

If we took the cats with us for an appointment would they get the Homeowpathy treatment?