In as far as I am not a history buff, I wanted to see this movie for the context in which it was set. As it turns out, it was a very enjoyable and informative experience. I know that this is not what many would consider a mainstream movie, and as such may not gain acclaim from many so called movie critics. However, I am here to tell you that this movie is enjoyable for a larger audience than the theatre that night would have indicated. I think that we were the youngest ones there, by at least 10 years, and in a way this is quite sad. The movie itself was very enjoyable, the story was fascinating being that it was sufficiently factual to lend credibility to the acting. If you are a fan of the historical genre, then this is a movie well worth seeing. The actors, although extremely talented and reputable are not mainstream either. This, I believe, was a significant benefit to the outcome.

Rating 7 Very enjoyable. A niche film but worth seeing even if you think it’s not your thing.
Theatre / Video Theatre. The experience would be sadly diminished with the translation to TV.
Rewind / Return Probably wouldn’t vote to see it again, but would sit through it if I had the option.
Highlight The disposing of the opposition in varied and painful manners.
Favorite Quote Not really a quotable movie. Not that type.