I was sure I was going to hate this movie, but I had avoided it for so long, I finally decided it was time. By the time I had seen the bats and lizards, witnessed the trapeze flying dog, growling like some kind of demented Werewolf and watched the “Attorney” trying desperately to get off the revolving restaurant floor I was pleasantly surprised. It was an extremely funny, albeit sympathetic view of the irrelevant and paranoid rambling of a drug abusing man who believes he is the centre of the universe. Some just wonderful cameo appearances and acting that was, inĀ  as far as I can tell, extremely representative of the exact state of mind in which the drug user finds themselves made it all the more tantalizing. Oh, not to mention that I finally understand where Hex got the quote on his index page from… It was enjoyable, I watched it twice and found the ending to be somewhat abrupt both times, probably the same way a user must feel when they are suddenly aware that they are no longer stoned…

Rating 7. Funny, not abrasive, plenty to make anyone laugh. Don’t take it seriously.
Theatre / Video Video. In the theatre, I am sure it would have had a narcotic effect…
Rewind / Return I saw it twice and would sit through it again, especially with stoners..hehehe
Highlight Trapeze Dog, escaping from the revolving restaurant and the strap-on lizard tail.
The opening scene in the desert is just great, including the hitchhiker.
Favourite Quote “Hello, Sir, Baby, Child, whatever…”

“You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug”