Maybe I am biased because I am such a huge Sandra Bullock fan, but I really liked this movie. the chemistry on screen between her and Affleck was just great, lots of fun, lots of energy and a charm that Bullock never has possessed to this point. I like her in this type of semi-aggressor mode. The story was pretty simple, and to that point was well directed to keep the situations coming and the viewer in two minds as to where their heart lay. I found myself torn between wanting him to stay with his fiancée and him running off with Bullock into the sunset. I guess that was the point though. It was not a deep or meaningful movie, but an enjoyable romp across the southern States with two people and a pothead named Vinny (?). Funny movie, lots of action, laughs and leaves you with the feeling that it was worth going to see.

Rating 7. Enjoyable, worth getting out of the house for.
Theatre / Video Theatre. Good date video.
Rewind / Return I would see it again. Then again I have a thing for Sandra Bullock…
Highlight Impersonating condo buyers to get a trip to Florida (Stopping in Georgia)Dancing on the table, losing the clothes…
Favorite Quote “I haven’t know you very long but I think there may be something wrong with you”