I had high hopes for this movie. The preview looked good and I have to say that Uma Thurman looked appealing as a conservative highbrow. But very disappointing. The highlight was the guy in the wheelchair who did an excellent job all around. Uma and Ethan were uninspiring and listless. I know that was the effect, but it was a little too real for me. The story was interesting, but not well developed, however the subplot cleverly usurped the main story which eventually gave in and ended in a fizzle. Not a great movie. I saw it on TV and wouldn’t rent it. If it was on, I would probably watch the acting with horrified fascination and switch every 30 minutes to see what was coming on elsewhere.

Rating 5. Not very good. About average.
Theatre / Video Do not spend money on this movie.
Rewind / Return If I had to, I could see it again. Not by choice.
Highlight Cool cars. Kind of electric retro 60’s things.
Favorite Quote “Right handers don’t hold it with their left hand”