I went for an appointment at LASIKMD today (www.lasikmd.com) which was informative and was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. After finding out that it would be $1000 more than I thought it would be I still decided maybe it was time since I have been thinking about it and saving for it for the last 5 years or so. In the final process the woman told me that her next available appointment was August 29th to which I replied that I had a wedding to go to and I wanted it done for then. She then told me she had an appointment tomorrow at 12:20. I agreed.

So that is that. Tomorrow at 12:20 I go for eye surgery in what I hope to be a life changing procedure that will leave me not needing glasses again forever. Which, by the way, was why I never had it done before, I was scared that my eyes would continue to change and in a few years I would need glasses again. Apparently not so, once your eye has elongated into your 20’s it pretty much stays the same forever. Plus they give you a 5 year guarantee that if you need it done again, just in case there are changes, they will do it for free.

I guess tomorrow we shall see.

Without glasses, hopefully 🙂