27th – jan 2nd no report

I think it was Jan 2 that we went to Lavey to the baths, a remarkable feat given it was actually snowing for the first time since we got here. The new baths are basically the same kind of idea, just that they have an enormous whirlpool outside where the water jets force the current around a narrow ’swimway’ where once you are in you are whisked around by the current. This was a tom of fun and in fact you could stay in there all day being whisked about by the water. At the centre was a large bubble jacuzzi but the highlight was trying to get in and out of it through the undertow generated by the jets. This brought us to lunchtime and after a brief lunch at Placette, our final time there, we left mum and dad and headed off to Montreux for more shopping and to pop into the Casino to add to our list of reviewed Casinos. well, I say that, but probably the section of reviewed casinos is not done yet and I haven’t yet bothered to wirte anything additional even though our list has now grown to include not only Montreux Casino but also the casino in the Movenpick hotel by the airport in Geneva. Add this to the list of Rama, Niagara, CNE, the Australian Casino by the side of Australia Fair, I think we went to one in mexico but I can’t really recall, and there must be others… anyway, I digress.

Our final day here consisted mostly of packing, trying to see most of 24 and scouring the house for any items strewn about. We had decided among us that it would be best if we went to the airport on the train, given that it is the simplest and most cost effective and if we did it this way we could potentially take th train  directly to the house next time we come. So we drove to the train station with our bags straining at the seams, odd really since I was convinced that we would be lighter going home than coming. We said our goodbyes to  mum and dad on the platform and hopped on the train to Geneva. The view really was spectacular, especially given that this was the first day it had been clear enough to see the lenght of the lake. The trip was really relaxing, roomy and honestly the obvious choice when I think about it. However, what awaited us at the other end was in direct contrast. Let me just say that in addition to the Casino reviews, we are going to try to do restaurant and hotel reviews also which will mean doing a review of the pizza place from last night which was awesome, in the basement of Motel33 by the airport but which will also mean doing a review of the worst hotel in the civilized world, the Ibis at Sydney airport. Nturally following this will be a review of the second worst hotel in the civilized world, the Ibis at Geneva Airport. I will include pictures because frankly at this point words fail me (not that this has ever stopped me).

It had the same plastic molded shower cubicle, with a toilet made for some form of contorted marsupial and a sink mirror combo that was lit in such a way that you could see zits that wouldn’t be here for another week yet. The room itself was less than 10 feet wide and the bed, sorry “bed” was a sheet of plywood upon which rested a 4″ matress, no boxspring, and 2 pillows that at first glance could easily be mistaken for teabags. The TV was a generous 13″ and come with a digital remote by which I mean you had to use your own digits to change the channels. For one person, it may have been borderline acceptable for lets say $40, but for 2 people at an alarming $142 it was Texas sized rip off. However, there was a highlight as I mentioned which was the Pizzeria we went to for dinner. I had a pizza with ham and mushrooms and Nicole had a cheese and onion pizza, both of which were massive and outstanding in quality. For about 15CHF each it was well worth the money. I also have to note that if you are going to travel like we do, staying at the airport the night before an early flight is the only way to do things.