I was wandering aimlessly around the internet looking for some info on rugby and Oakville when I came across this little gem:


it is the 100th anniversary of Oakville Trafalgar high School and it is being held in 2008 in Oakville. Now I only went to the school for a year, but since it was my first year in Canada it was spectacularly significant to me and I certainly remember it like it was yesterday. At this point I will definitely plan to attend, but then again, who knows that maybe in a year from now we won’t even be living here any more.

The most bizarre thing about this was the feeling I got while searching around from link to link, it reminded me of my very first exposure to the internet or “World Wide Web” as it was called back in the 80’s. I remember starting with a single thought in mind and going site to site following links in this bizarre kind of stream of consciousness mode and ending up wading through reams of information on a dozen different subjects and my eyes being opened so wide by the deluge of words and pictures. Nowadays, being in computers we seem to use the internet as a tool to dig for specific information (at least I do) and not really the way we used to, just to surf around and see what was out there. I was, just for a while, taken back to the time when it was like someone opening the door of your jail cell and exposing the whole world to you in all it’s magnificent glory.