I love this movie. Christian Slater has always been one of my favourite actors and does an outstanding job portraying the same brooding, introverted type of character that you now see with their personal web pages on the Internet. He is part hacker, part rebel and is suffocating under a father that doesn’t try to understand and a mother that seemingly doesn’t want to. He sets up his own little radio broadcasting studio and talks tot he night air, no really caring if anyone is listening. I suppose that it is in all of us to identify with him and his attempts at expression from behind his voice disguiser, needing to be heard and appreciated, but too shy to be like that in person. It is a poignant look at the High School age dilemmas and how one young, creative, driven individual creates his own entertainment. Analogize it to yourself if you have a web page, and you will see what I mean. Fabulous soundtrack too…

Rating 8.5 One of my favourites of all time
Theatre / Video Video. Buy it, keep it, cherish it.
Rewind / Return I have already worn out 2 copies of this movie. Laserdisc or DVD is necessary.
Highlight Creative use of available technology. Watching him dance in his basement kills me.
Favorite Quote “I’m not really like this. Except when I am.””I like that, ‘Talk Hard’ ”

“So this is Happy Harry Hardon saying ‘eat your cereal with a fork, and do your homework in the dark'”