I was not sure how the melding of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan would do. It seems like an amusing concept, Eastern Cop meets Hotshot American Cop and lead each other to retribution, but maybe I expected too much. It wasn’t a bad movie, it was definitely entertaining in parts, but I expected more Jackie and Less Chris. What we got was a middle of the road effort that really didn’t do either of them justice. It felt longer than it was, but I think that being prepared for a middle of the road movie would have helped in my enjoyment. there’s nothing that will spoil your viewing pleasure more than unfulfilled expectations. No bashing here, though, I enjoyed it and was rolling on the floor laughing at the outtake of the two cops who yell at Tucker “Show me your ass!”

Rating 6.5 Fun movie, a little slow, not as much Jackie Chan style so I was a little disappointed.
Theatre / Video Video. I would have felt justified in going to the theatre, but probably better to rent.
Rewind / Return I would see it again, it’s mindless entertainment.
Highlight Jackie Chan kicking ass, Chris Tucker dancing and the outtakes (see below)
Favorite Quote “Show me your ass!”
“Show me your ass? Y’all are some gay ass cops!” (Watch the outtakes)