I am always happy to wait to see a major feature film until the crowds have died down and the hype has subsided. I saw Private Ryan with a theatre of around twenty people and it was eerie in it’s separation. I had an English Teacher once who pointed out to me the differences between a film and a movie (thank you Mr. Skilleter) and without going into much detail, I would say that this film is truly worthy of that moniker. There is a serious lack of depth and honesty to the filmmakers art these days, too much temptation to blow budgets on big time effects and implausible story lines, however the power of Private Ryan comes not from it’s glaring brutality, but rather from it’s candid honesty. I tried to explain my emotions in a journal entry recently but was left ashamedly inadequate. This is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. If you are up for a dose of the reality of brutal hand to hand combat, then this is the film for you. Also, I would like to note that it is not the Hollywood, Steven Seagal type hand to hand, it is people hiding behind buttresses with big machine guns cutting people down like a scythe through a cornfield. It is the way it apparently was, and the reality really comes through. It is a brilliant piece of filmmaking that will run all sorts of emotions across your synapses and leave you feeling a hollow sorrow at the brutality that those young men endured. The acting is nothing short of breathtaking, and without unnecessary extension, you should see this film if you are over 25 because it will touch you.

Rating 9.5 One of the best films I have ever seen. A must see.
Theatre / Video Theatre. The effect will be lost for a first time viewing on a small screen.
Rewind / Return I will see this film many times, I would go back to the theatre to see it again.
Highlight The carnage on the beach. That is the cold, dark soul of war.
Favorite Quote “…the sacrifices you have laid on the altar of Freedom”