We went to see this the night it opened and the theatre was half empty. It is a cool movie for kids, but I wouldn’t let my 5 year old in. It is a militia based Toy Story or if you like, a toy based militia story. the old good against evil plot revolves to include a side not that evil is programmed and not necessarily logical or sane. Who says kids movies can’t be politically loaded? The animation is excellent and all in all the movie is a good time. A little awkward teenage romance and a “my dad is cruel because he doesn’t understand me” subplot and you have an enjoyable little romp around the neighbourhood.

Rating 6.5. It was good, but I wouldn’t cross the road for it.
Theatre / Video Worth going to the theatre because of the effects and animation.
Rewind / Return Wait for TV for a repeat I think.
Highlight Making Barbie into a demented Para-military goon / Chip Hazard wannabe.
Favourite Quote Playing Spice Girls at full blast as Psychological Warfare.”So tell me what you want, what you really really want..”