Well finally the snow is here, at least the pinging of the freezing rain off the roof of the Jeep tells me that winter in at least one of her guises has finally shown. I took us an hour and 15 to get here this morning, even though we left at 6:45. The trip in once again reinforced the notion that I really need to get a new truck. It is not that the Jeep is bad, however the vehicle is very flimsy, cold and noisy and really is not meant for people who value their lives. Of course I love it, and I always will but it is like a girlfriend with whom you have grown apart, it is just time for us to go our separate ways with our fond memories of the past.
Speaking of such things, Nicole and I went to the Wedding Show this past weekend at Skydome, which they have renamed the Rogers Centre. The show was pretty good, although the number of vendors was less than I had anticipated. We left with about 40lbs of books, and no, I am not kidding, including magazines about everything from dresses to white chocolate fountains to butterfies you can live release on your wedding day. I dohave to say that the strawberrry white chocolate fountain was the standout of the day. I dipped marshmallows into the curtain of what looked a lot like Pepto Bismol but the taste was out of this world! So now I have a zillion flyers to look through, to nod approvingly at and have absolutely no say into the outcome. I think I will continue to cruise the used ads for that new truck.