Maybe for some the highlight of the movie was the outtake at the end with Cameron Diaz being fondled openly by a grinning and drooling Matt Dillon. Maybe there is something about Mary, but for me the writing of the movie itself was what really did it. The actors all were performing at the top of their games, Ben Stiller was outstanding and although I have a tendency to dismiss Diaz as just a pretty face, she was substantial enough in the movie to make her presence felt. I can’t recall the last time I laughed so hard at a movie as when Stiller is attacked by and subsequently leaves the body-cast dog on the roof of his truck. It really was a well written piece of entertainment and well worth the money to pay for the rental. If I still had the movie channels, it would be the type of movie that I would leave on repeatedly just to catch the funny parts. Well constructed, acted and directed it is well worth seeing. (In retrospect I think that the dog stole the show).

Rating 7.5 Extremely funny, charming and entertaining. Lots of high quality actors.
Theatre / Video Video. Not necessary to see it on the Silver Screen, I would have embarrassed myself laughing.
Rewind / Return Would love to see it again at least a handful more times.
Highlight Definitely the dog sequence, from the second he opened the bathroom door, I almost died laughing.
Favorite Quote “I still think I want to look her up”
“Who? Roller Pig?”

“I thought you said she was a spark plug?”
“No, no. I said butt-plug”