Hoffman again, I love this guy. He does a great job, the core of the movie is the relationship amongst Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson and is well played, creatively written and leaves just enough to the imagination to make it genuinely spooky in parts. There is nothing quite like psychoses among friends. The plot is fairly well constructed, the characters and very well placed with actors being chosen very appropriately, and Sharon Stone once again astounds me with her ability to act. She is a vastly unappreciated actress, even in my estimation. The action is coherent and logically pursued and all in all, the movie has been put together with great care. In as far as science fiction movies can be considered “accurate” there were none of the usual glaring physical or logical impossibilities that tend to spoil the flavour of most of the genre (except for it being remarkably illuminated at 1000ft). An enjoyable flick, all told.

Rating 7.0 Well directed and acted, with plenty of psychological drama.
Theatre / Video Video. May have been better in the theatre, but was good with all the lights out on a big screen TV.
Rewind / Return Worth sitting through again, although I wouldn’t rent it again myself.
Highlight The holographic ship’s log showing the travel through space. Funky…
Favorite Quote “I forgive you, man. But I don’t forgive you for Ted, he’s a pain in the ass”

“Bring back the entity known as Ted. I liked the entity Ted. He was humorous”