Beside the fact that I had to wait to see this movie until all the freaks and wierdos in their Yoda and Chewbacca outfits had dissipated, I was still very much impressed with the whole thing. I am not a Star Wars groupie by any means, in fact I haven’t even see the other 3 in their entirety, I think I got tired of it halfway through number 2 and caught parts of the last one at a party somewhere. This, however was a different story. I always believe that as a part of a trilogy or a series of any size, each film must have enough content and substance to stand alone, but must balance that with enough significant ties to it’s predecessor or sequel to make the themes and plot seem contingent to the whole. For myself, the movie was entertaining, and I have to admit, at the start, I was a little taken off guard by what I considered to be unsettlingly specific ethnic accents. That apart, though, I really went for the special effects and have to say that I was not disappointed. The rendering was amazing, detail was carefully combed and but for the lack of reflected traffic in one scene, I couldn’t find a technical flaw with it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am very happy that I got to see it on a Sunday afternoon in an almost vacant theatre. I think the hype would have spoiled my enjoyment. Was it the movie event of the last decade? Hardly.

Rating 8.5. Special effects were brilliant, acting was solid.
Theatre / Video Theatre. Guaranteed you will miss out if you only see it on video.
Rewind / Return I would go again, if only for the pod race or the underwater scenes.
Highlight Pod race, no doubt. The thought of that dork C3PO realizing he was naked..hehe
Favorite Quote