I would have to say that this movie is the personification of all that is neo-modernist in the movie industry. This obsession with effects, aliens and really bad acting is all brought to the fore in this galactic romp through a bug infested universe. The effects are quite outstanding, the acting is also quite breathtaking (if you count choking at ineptitude) and the plot is your well worn and yet refreshingly comforting “Earth against the evil but brainless alien race” type routine. It is entertaining, and in the end, that is what movies are for, entertainment. I have seen it a few times and would watch it again, if for nothing else but the public lashing of the so-called hero.

Rating 7. Worth seeing. Good, gory and extremely graphic special effects.
Theatre / Video I saw it in the Theatre, you should too. Or at least on a really BIG TV.
Rewind / Return Good enough to warrant a retrial. I have seen parts of the movie 10 – 15 times.
Highlight Obstacle course accident, out of nowhere! Also the truly obscene brain bug at the end of the movie.
Favorite Quote “You’re it until you’re dead; or until I find someone better”