crossover-stretch-2006.gif This is one of the best for my back and hips. It does make loud cracking noises in my spine however and you should do it every day… you should do all of them every day really.

seatedspinaltwist.gif Very simple stretch to help loosen up the back and abdominals

knee2cheststretch.gifVery good for tight hamstrings that can cause all kinds of back problems

pretzelstretch.jpgMore advanced for hips, this is actually quite hard if you are male

buttnhipxleggedstretch.gifAnother very good stretch for hips and sciatic problems. You should feel the stretch in the buttock and hip of the leg that is crossed over, in this case the left leg.

lettercstretch.gifVery basic, can be done in conjunction with an arching motion every time you stand up

seatedspinaltwist2.gifA little more difficult for some, and also hard to control but once you can do it, it is very effective.


split-leg-fwd-bend.gifBe careful with this if you have pinched nerves, but the leg in front takes the load off the spine somewhat.

yoga-cat-stretch-1.gifCat stretch, also can be mialternated with seal stretch where from the starting position you drop your hips to the floor and keep your arms straight.

swiss.gif Swiss army knife stretch, very good for hips and back

stand-pelvic-tilt.gif Basic and similar to the front bend, but this is a standing version of the cat stretch / seal stretch.