Well my parents arrived here a couple of days ago, which is really bizarre and really great at the same time. I can’t believe how long it has been since they were over here last. So we have been catching up and spent the weekend hanging out at the mall and seeing the surrounding areas. Sunday evening, we all went to Cynthia’s Chinese Restaurant on Mulock at Yonge in Newmarket, whish is where we seem to go with all our guests. Fast sorward to this morning and still I feel like throwing up. I am not sure if it was just the shock to the system of all that food or if there was something in there that wasn’t right but whatever it was, I feel like crap today. Still, it means I won’t have a hard time sticking to my raw diet the next couple of days.

Lets step back for a second to a couple of weeks ago when I awoke with a sore shoulderblade. I occasionally get a sore rhomboid muscle under my shoulderblade and it usually goes away in a few days. This time however on day 3 I awoke and was unable to move my arm and I was in excruciating pain. My whole arm was numb and I could not feel anything at all in my hand. I went to the doctor who took xrays, the result of which I will get tomorrow. However he said I had pinched a nerve in my neck, back or elbow. Since the pain originated in my shoulder I am going to go with that, however I am still very concerned that it may be a disc in my neck. So as of now, almost 11 days since it happened, I still have limited feeling in my little finger and right hand ring finger, I cannot cross my fingers and I have a lot of strength loss in my hand. I can’t type very well and my arm is constantly in pain. I am hoping that with time it will get better, however since I still have no feeing in my right shin, forgive me if I am not filled with confidence.

So back to yesterday. There really isn’t much to report which is good in a way. The parents got on very well, the conversations didn’t stop and everyone seemed to have a good time. It is very close to the wedding now, and we are all getting a little nervous but I think that among the responsibilities I have for the big day, my main one will be to try and help Nicole stay sane…

As for my list of to-do’s, I am very slowly making my way through it but with a mountain of work to do for my real job things are moving slowly… As long as it gets done!!!