There is definitely something different about seeing a childhood series represented on film. I remember seeing Judge Dredd, a longtime childhood favourite comic strip of mine, and marvelling at the reality of it all. Other people hated it, but for me it was the spirit of the comic that had been brought to life. The same thing goes for The Avengers. As a child I would sit on Friday nights and watch Steed and Purdey duke it out with their latest arch-rival. It was gripping, it was adventurous and it was very English. And so to the movie. The English do not like to be interrupted during tea. This is true. They speak to one another in short, concise sentences, true. There is much more unsaid in the English language when used by the English than is actually mouthed. This is where the North American audience gets lost. In order to explain the English method of language and conversation, one must be very familiar with metaphor, allusion and have the ability to communicate almost solely using these tools. As I stated previously, it is the things that are not said between the English that are far more important than the words that are actually spoken. This movie will frustrate North Americans, and may even shed light on Ex-pat’s like myself as to the reason they are largely misunderstood. Oh, to be in England… As for the movie itself, Sean Connery is his old self, there is a bonus with Uma Thurman playing two parts at once, and even a silent appearance by Eddie Izzard does not go unnoticed. It is truly written in the traditional Avengers style, and is a thoroughly enjoyable romp through the English countryside. Adequately acted, decent special effects and witty dialogue make this a movie worth seeing, especially if you are English. Tea anyone?

Rating 6. Entertaining if you saw the series, otherwise probably a bomb.
Theatre / Video I saw it in the Theatre, could wait for video.
Rewind / Return It was OK, I will probably sit through it again when it comes to PPV or HBO/TMN
Highlight Sean Connery’s sexual undertones with Uma Thurman. Uma in a catsuit, twice!
Favorite Quote “Take India for instance, you can get a good ten inches overnight there…”