This has to be one of the best movies of last year. It is fortunate that I was raised in the same part of the world as these boys, since I could understand the stranger nuances of their language. After all, it is not the easiest thing to express the full meaning of the words “complete tosser” to someone and really have them understand the concept. The idea of gnomes has a completely different slant and the references to “widgers” “nowt as queer as folk” and “ruddy Nora” are so completely local as to be hilarious and completely untranslatable. This is a fabulous adventure of local lads chasing a few quid for getting their kit off, an idea that is so completely foreign as to tickle anyone’s fancy. The acting itself is fantastic, the cast is very cleverly chosen and the intricacies of the Northern Mentality are brought across with such accuracy that it is completely believable. You don’t have to be a Yorkshire lad to see the humour, but it helps. The Yorkshire version of the Magnificent Seven, fanbloodytastic.

Rating 8.5 Great acting, hilarious script and an unlikely cast of heroes.
Theatre / Video Video. I wish I had seen it in the theatre, but it is worth renting if you haven’t seen it yet.
Rewind / Return Seen it several times, will continue to watch it again and again.
Highlight The gnomes in the interview. Great ending sequence.
Favorite Quote “He’s not bad for a bastard””Anti-wrinkle cream they may have, but Anti-Fat Bastard cream they do not”

“Cantona, Cantona, has to wear a girlie bra”