This will become one of my favourite movies of all time. There are movies that tend to put your life into perspective for you, ones that suspend your disbelief for you and at the same time draw you in to a reality that has existed for you on some level forever. This may seem a trifle deep for a Jim Carrey movie but I have to say that on a large psychological plane, there are many people who wish they were Truman. The man literally had a world revolving around him. This was a magnificent movie in all aspects. The story was original and diverse in it’s sources, the acting was accurate in it’s context and the premise was so unusual that there is really no way to measure it against conventional films. I think everyone was wrapped up tightly with the movie when they saw it. It really was a surprise even though I had expected to enjoy it, I never expected to be riveted by it. If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you go and buy it. I will be.

Rating 9 Brilliant movie. Truly an experiment gone right. Worth owning.
Theatre / Video Theatre. I would have paid to see this again in the theatre. Value at last for my $8.
Rewind / Return I have only seen it once, but as soon as I can, I am buying the DVD.
Highlight Too many to mention, but the spaceman in the mirror was classic.
Favorite Quote “Who are you talking to? I’m the only one here.”