There are very few movies that send me to sleep. There are even fewer movies that I find so boring that I actually fast forward through to get to the active bits. This movie was both. Even though there was a sprinkling of promising actors, the movie failed miserably at achieving anything other than glorifying smokers and causing me to fall off the couch. The premise was not unusual, the story itself was adequate, but the screenwriting was simply abysmal. I can definitely say that this was one of the worst movies I have seen this year. It wasn’t even appealing in it’s emotional charm, it was just a real snoozer. This was one movie that could not be saved even by the injection of some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. I was sadly disappointed.

Rating 4. Terrible movie. Incredibly boring and painfully slow.
Theatre / Video Video. I wasted my money on this one.
Rewind / Return If you show me this movie again, I may very well end up in a coma.
Highlight The clumsiness of the heroine, banging her face on various objects.
Favorite Quote “We are architects, we pay attention to how things are put together.”