OK, so it is really cool to say that you hated Titanic, that it was a pointless romantic escapade with a predictable ending and at least an hour of unnecessary time added on. Well, to an extent, there is truth in the saying that the ‘popular’ movies are just that because they appeal to the lowest common denominator, however if that were true, then Dumb and Dumber would have won academy awards. I think that the mass appeal of Titanic, and in addition my reason for enjoying the movie was that here, for once, was an old time epic romance. There is a definite lack of true epics in our time, I mean creations like Casablanca, Gone With The Wind, Love Story and The Magnificent Seven. I long for days when the heroes were men larger than life, the romance was dramatic and overstated and the bad guys always wore black. This movie recreated a sense of the days gone by when a movie was meant to suck you in and invade your senses with a feeling f “being there” rather that trying to overload your senses with disgusting creatures or dazzling outer space special effects.

The bottom line is that this is a movie worth remembering. The acting was good, but not exceptional, the content was entertaining and engaging and thank God there were no aliens, monsters or shots fired. Maybe I am just an old romantic at heart, but if you would put aside the cynical shell of emotional defense and let the movie in, you might just enjoy it. I know I did.

Rating 9 Excellent in achieving its objective. A real epic love story.
Theatre / Video See it in the theatre. Video will kill this movie experience.
Rewind / Return I would go again, but I think only once or twice.
Highlight Dancing in the lower decks. I would love to have been there.
Favorite Quote “Oh $h!t”