I had seen the previews and the movie seemed simple enough. A Presidential scandal, a cover-up story with inevitably some kind of twist at the end. The movie delivered right on schedule and like most things that go the way they are supposed to, it was predictable and at times a little dull. There were flashes of sub-brilliance and all in all the movie was enjoyable and worth seeing. My political movie experience really was piqued by Bob Roberts, and since I was comparing “Wag” to it constantly, it couldn’t help but come in poorly. Woody was a refreshing addition and my affection for both DeNiro and Hoffman was proven once again. The movie is quite well written, the dialogue is witty and sharp, and the story had enough entertaining sidelines to merit a reasonable score. It was not as sinister as it was comical, however the underlying message was clear, don’t trust the media or the Government because they are both seeking to create an image, albeit distorted, of the events they want you to see. It ended up being less significant than the cast implied, but nevertheless, it was enjoyable.

Rating 7. Predictable yet worthy of pause.
Theatre / Video Video. Not worth the Theatre price.
Rewind / Return I would watch it again, but would probably have the urge to leave at several points.
Highlight Cameo appearances by Steven Spielberg, Jim Belushi and others in the industry.
Favorite Quote Willie Nelson, singing “…and I’m glad your Momma’s not here”