I am such a sucker for sappy movies. I have heard this movie take bad criticism for so long that I finally forgave myself for not seeing it in the Theater and rented it. It took me three days to get it, but it was worth the wait. for someone like me that lives and breathes traditional romance then this movie has your heartstrings playing Waltzing Matilda from the very outset. It is a beautifully thought out piece of work, the casting is perfection and of course, with Anabella Sciorra, what could be better? The story is really trying on the emotions which is why so many people took exception to it. It also takes a traditionalist view of religion, another hot button of the mentally fanatical critic. However, if you were to take yourself back to a time when your views of romance and good and evil were pure, this is a story of which dreams are made. The acting, writing and screenplay are superb, and the cinematography at times is simply breathtaking. It is a treasure of a movie, not the kind of thing you would want to see every week, but for those times when you need your faith in love restored, this is the perfect shot in the heart.

Rating 8.5. Just a lovely movie, leaves you with that cathartic feeling.
Theatre / Video Video. I am sorry I missed it in the Theatre. If I get a chance I will go.
Rewind / Return Definite rewind. I would see this a dozen times if I wasn’t such a mess afterwards.
Highlight His decision to stay with his wife when he got a second chance.
Favorite Quote