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Sadness comes calling

I am, I suppose, fortunate that I have had the opportunity to own some truly wonderful pets in my time. However, during times of sickness there is very little consolation to be had in a lifetime of love and adoration. There is nothing quite like the bond that you have with a pet, and for me, the bond I form with my cats is of great wealth and significance to me. It is for that reason that my heart still hurts too much to spend any time thinking of Thunder. The story is too sad for me to relay, too fresh in my mind for me to convey. However, the inevitable end is something that I will never forget just as I cannot shake the memories of my former pets who have all at some time met their end.
Thunder fought as long as he could, he was so brave, so charming and loving to the very end. In the end he just couldn’t heal from the surgery he had for his UTI stones. In as much as this is heartbreakingly short, it is as much as I am prepared to say so that I can move along and help to fill in these pages with the minutiae of life that will wash over my emotions and heal the great void that he left in my heart.
So long little friend, I love you.


Catching up – a place to start

Here is the list from my calendar wall that I recently had to replace.
Feb 1st, it snowed big time
Feb 5 Session 2 started
Feb 11 Dr Gelman appt
Feb through March Acupuncture / massage
March Through April Physio
April – Started Chiropractor but still need xrays and so on to go back
Feb 14 Meet with Bessie at CT to re-do mortgage
Feb 15 Cartwheel Clinic
Feb 16 Darrens Birthday party – turned out to be my surprise party
Feb 27 Nicole to Physio
Feb 29 – Leap Year day
Mar 2 Bought inversion table
Mar 3 off with back – built inversion table – cured like magic!
Mar 7 Back Handspring clinic
March 14 1st Appt with Dr Alex
Mar 21 to 24 Easter
March 27 Mock Meet
Mar 31 Dr Alex Gel
April 3 Chiropractor
April 4 to 6 Birchmount Meet (Great coaches table!)
April 6 Nicole’s Birthday
April 8 Chiropractor
April 18 – 20 Bramalea meet
April 29 Dr Alex together
May 2 Cartwheel Clinic
May 4th 1am-3am Downtime
May 9 Teranet Move 11pm to 430am
May 12 Dr Alex Shot1
May 22 Dr Alex shot2
May 23 – 25 Vaughan Meet
May 30 Back Handspring Clinic