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It's all about the core

For once I am not talking about core strength and the abdominal conditioning. I am talking about the Weightwatchers core food list that they permit you to eat almost unlimited amounts of given that you can stop once you feel “satisfied”. Well, if I knew when I felt satisfied I probably wouldn’t need Weightwatchers would I? I am not here to bash WW, far from it, last year I lost about 25lbs on the program and then fell off the wagon when our leader changed. So I am back, at a different location, with men only as the attendees. I am not sure how long I will stay with this evening, it is later than the other one and the all male thing is not really me in so many ways. Anyway, back to the point of this short entry which was to put down the core foods for future reference. I don’t want to get into any trouble from the Weightwatchers elite, so I will keep it to what I have seen as general knowledge about the program.
Core food list:

Vegetables and fruits
Soups (non-creamy)
Whole Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice, Potatoes and Grains
High Fiber and other cereals without added sugar
Lean Meats, poultry, fish and eggs
Fat-Free Milk Products
Healthy Oils
Coffee, Tea and sugar-free beverages

You can eat until you feel satisfied as long as you don’t have the grains at more than one meal. Lean meat should be eaten in moderation, since the amount of protein you actually REQUIRE for your body to repair itself and build lean tissue is much smaller than people think it is. I mean that in the way that most people think you need a big steak worth of protein if you went to the gym, however, for most people, a couple of sold cuts, a piece of lowfat cheese and some leafy greens will provide more than enough protein for you.
So there you have it, the famous core food list. Let’s see if I can lose faster than I did last time since I think I actually was heavier after about 2 months than I was when I started.

Oh, and the guys at work are betting on how much I will lose. I want to blow their expectations right out of the water!

Weight Watching

I am back at fat camp.

I signed up for another 6 months at Weight Watchers last night because I cannot deny that the only time I have actually managed to control my weight in the past 5 years was when Nicole and I went to WW once a week to get weighed. I remember the rush of excitement I would get from seeing the lost weight each week and how proud I was at 14 weeks of losses non stop.
That and I am obviously unable to coach myself in any realistic way.
So yesterday we bought a blood pressure monitor since my doctor told me last week when I mentioned my numb face (from the England Trip) that I have high blood presssure and we both recall that the last time I was there he said the same. I am not sure how long it is going to take for me to realize that I am not young any more and that my health is at risk by my weight. I am hoping sooner rather than later – and certainly not post-heart attack later.
So, here I go again. Only this time I am a MASSIVE 290lbs, regardless of the weight I wanted to lose before coaching began which is one week today. All I can do is the right thing and let time do the rest.
Here I go, doing the right thing.

Sometimes things just go your way

Well, today was an odd day in many respects, and if every day was like this I would be a happy man. A long time ago, Nicole told me she wanted so she could use it for her gym stuff. A small site got put up and then basically forgotten. The last update to the site, other than my file sharing that I do was in 2002. Recently however I have been getting emails addressed to various boxes at that were destined for Upon further investigation I found that Gymtastics is in fact a gym in Calgary. For some time I have been replying to emails telling people that they have the wrong address and that they should readdress their email. Not a big deal, I am happy to help. Then, out of the blue the other day I get and email from the husband of the owner asking if I would be willing to sell the domain name to them. So I went and checked out the domain he was mailing from and of course their site. Apparetly they are doing well, they are moving out into bigger buildings and rebuilding their website. So I thought to myself that it would be the right thing to do to let them have the site name for a fee. Long story short, we agreed on a price for the domain of $1750 and are in the process of making the move.

On top of that, I finally got the cheque from Petcare for Thunder which was about 50% of the total bill which was what I expected. So I bumped up Lightning’s coverage to allow for a higher payout in the event of sickness and because of our loyalty to them we got 15% off the monthly rate.

The good news continued as Nicole persuaded me to accept an offer from Sonia and Darren to go with them to Vegas in October. Turns out, our comp status gives us 2 nights free! Couple that with a $600 flight and we still have lots of domain name money left over to play with!

It wasn’t all smooth sailing however, becuase when it came time to go home, we couldn’t get to the car becasue the ATF and Bomb Squad had closed the garage due to a suspicious package. We waited outside for an hour while they blew stuff up and eventually got to leave at 430.

So what is the moral of the story of today? Always check your email carefully! I had about 6000 messages in my email after we got back from England. Most of them were garbage, in fact 4000 went straight into the spam folders however my inbox held 700 mails, all of which I had to at least check to see if they were “real”. One of those emails was from gymtastics about the domain name.


Quarterly Update 2008 Q3

At work I have a cabinet door in front of my face upon which I tape printed calendars for 3 or 4 months at a time. Today it was time to take down the last 3 and put up the remaining 4 months of the year in preparation for coaching etc. Here is a short list of dates that I may have skipped in my blogging efforts:

May 12 Dr Alex
Jun 16 Julia Bday
Jun 22 Teranet Meeting, Dr Alex, setup for Vaughan Competition
Jun 23 – 25 Vaughan Competition
Jun 29 Mike and Isabel?
Jun 2 Mike and Isabel came to stay
Jun 11 Test test
Jun 15 Hastings
Jun 17 eCare go live
Jun 24 Pizza Party at Gym
Jun 26 Last day of coaching
Jun 27 Dr Alex
July 4 – 6 Camping
July 7 Dr Alex
July 18 – 20 Camping and car wheel wrecking
July 21 Dr Alex
July 22 Dentist – Left my dentist
July 31 Dr Alex
August 1 – 19 England
August 19 Test test
August 21 Trend Micro here for Virus demo