.. where was I? Oh ya, the camping trip.
So the tone for the weekend unfortunately was one of stress and drama, not that it affected Nicole and I but there was one person whose mission it seemed to be to steal the spotlight at any cost. I am not mentioning any names *COUGH*lori*COUGH* however those concerned just seem to require that everything go their way or it is hell for every one. It is a little sad I have to say that she is wound up that tight, it just keeps everyone at arm’s length, and makes them want to buy her husband a bottomless bottle of Xanax.
So there we were, the tent went up in no time besides the fact that it was our first time putting it up. We unpacked the stove, and went over to help Sonia and Darren set up their stuff. The kids kid of milled around throwing footballs and baseballs around, we all started cooking dinner almost as soon as we arrived and in no time it turned into a real camping postcard! We forgot, however, to get firewood, and the small pile that Darren brought didn’t look like it was going to last at all. John started to build the fire under the watchful and scythingly critical eye of Adam who had failed to witness our neighbour start his fire with lighter fluid! Talk about an unfair comparison! As the daylight faded into evening and the sky turned from blue to pink we settled around the fires (yes, separate fires thanks very much) and began the ritual of the marshmallow. Since Sonia and Darren were only going to be there the one night we pulled out all the stops and had glowing bracelets for the kids (thanks to Nicole whose ideas are always just amazing!) and even attempted to convert me to a s’mores lover. However, the s’mores fell flat, I have to say I am not a fan, I think I will stick with my plain marshmallows thanks. i took a couple of pictures but was too interested in getting the experience going than taking photos. As it happened, the following evening I managed to take some nice shots of the kids around the fire and even some interesting shots of the fire itself.
It is now a couple of weeks since the event my memory of the details is fading somewhat however I recall the kids caught lots of fish. At one point, Adam caught a huge carp right out from under the dock side and gave it to a Portuguese guy (I assume for dinner). The weather was amazing, the Off Deep Woods Sport worked like a charm, I didn’t get bitten all weekend! We sat by the pool and tanned for a while, took a few walks to the store and generally just hung out doing not much which I gather is the point of camping. The second night was nice with everyone around a single fire, apparently the problems seemed to be related to Sonia and/or Darren. The kids split off into their own fire and camp towards the end of the night and I think due to the late night the day before, we all seemed to head to bed a lot earlier! We did however manage to work through some amazing dough on a stick. I am not sure what kind of pillsbury stuff it was but when you wrap it wround a stick and grill it, it’s pretty good! We tried our hand at hamburger helper which refused to cook and turned the noodles to mush. We tried bacon that wouldn’t cook, but burned instead. I think the cam stove takes some finesse, of which apparently I am sadly lacking!
The following morning was typical as far as I can tell. if you are leaving, you get up, pack up and get the hell out. Maybe it is the promise of Tim Hortons in the morning or the call of the couch, but whatever it is, it makes people manic in their desire to get away from the camp. We dumped our garbage on the way out of the site and trusted Gill to get us home. Once we made the U-turn we were on our way!
All in all it was a gentle and rewarding introduction to camping, given that it really wasn’t what I would call camping – thank God! The fishing success made me think about breaking out my rod and tackle and giving it a shot when we go back in a few weeks. I will have to see since I don’t like harming animals in any way maybe being a successful fisherman wouldn’t be for me – i am weirdly sensitive like that!