Here is the list from my calendar wall that I recently had to replace.
Feb 1st, it snowed big time
Feb 5 Session 2 started
Feb 11 Dr Gelman appt
Feb through March Acupuncture / massage
March Through April Physio
April – Started Chiropractor but still need xrays and so on to go back
Feb 14 Meet with Bessie at CT to re-do mortgage
Feb 15 Cartwheel Clinic
Feb 16 Darrens Birthday party – turned out to be my surprise party
Feb 27 Nicole to Physio
Feb 29 – Leap Year day
Mar 2 Bought inversion table
Mar 3 off with back – built inversion table – cured like magic!
Mar 7 Back Handspring clinic
March 14 1st Appt with Dr Alex
Mar 21 to 24 Easter
March 27 Mock Meet
Mar 31 Dr Alex Gel
April 3 Chiropractor
April 4 to 6 Birchmount Meet (Great coaches table!)
April 6 Nicole’s Birthday
April 8 Chiropractor
April 18 – 20 Bramalea meet
April 29 Dr Alex together
May 2 Cartwheel Clinic
May 4th 1am-3am Downtime
May 9 Teranet Move 11pm to 430am
May 12 Dr Alex Shot1
May 22 Dr Alex shot2
May 23 – 25 Vaughan Meet
May 30 Back Handspring Clinic