Hard to believe that 10 years ago today, July 7, 1998 I started out on my online journalling career. It was initially meant to be a communication tool for my family to keep up to date with what I was doing, given that I was the worst as staying in touch. It then rapidly declined into a laundry list of daily activities but was saved by my interest in other online journals of the time. Of course, this was before the advent of the blog which meant that every moron with a PC could spew the content of their maladjusted brains onto the screen. Back then it took talent to put the pages together every time, to create not just the content but also the vessel with each entry. The art was revered and admired and had a real degree of respect. At least that is what all we journallers thought! The site rapidly evolved into what my paper diaries had always been, a meandering exploration of my awareness and a record of my exposure to the intricacies of life. I am actually astounded that in my first month I managed to write 15 entries, not a bad start in retrospect.
Over the years, I have returned less and less to add to the blog as it evolved, or devolved if you like. It became harder and harder to find the time to write and frankly, the better my life went emotionally, the less motivated I was to write quasi-teen angst filled entries raging against the injustices of life itself. Massively important pieces of life went missing, something which I aim to correct this year and although I look through the past with fondness there is a significant feeling of disappointment that I missed recording some of the formative times of the relationship with the woman who would later become my wife. So we come to today, and I am pondering how to celebrate this momentous occasion and I think the answer is clear. I should aim to produce as much or more as I did in that first year, starting with 15 entries for this month and use this anniversary as a springboard to a more complete record of my life once more. I am hoping that the most significant events in life are still to come and that I will be here to record them for all posterity.
So happy anniversary, I doubt a single person who followed along with my adventures back then remains just as I have failed to keep up with their lives, however I think that the future audience is the most important one, even if it is just Nicole and I and our future little ones reminiscing about the adventures of our youth!