It’s been a hectic month so far, full of surprise parties, wonderful gifts, too much very bad food and not nearly enough exercise. Of course, the big news is that I turned 40 this month and besides still feeling like I am a teenager in my mind and a senior citizen in the morning when I try to get out of bed I think I am doing OK.
Nicole was very sneaky and set up a surprise birthday party with a mix of work people and outside work friends at a place called Wegz which was really cool, a kind of sports bar / activity bar. The nachos were great as were the onion rings! I can’t belive Nicole managed to hide the whole thing including a HUGE card from me! I guess that is why I married her, she is always full of surprises!  We also went out on the morning of my birthday to Golden Griddle, a kind of tradition now for my birthday with work people. Once we were finished, they all went to work and I went home to bed to sulk and wallow in my self-pity! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
I actually had too much breakfast and ended up sleeping for a large portion of the day which in retrospect was just what I needed. I did exercise, well, I did the treadmill and for the last couple of weeks I have been jogging on the treadmill not just walking. The reason for the change is that Nicole and I bought each othe heart monitors for Valentine’s Day. Although her watch rewards her with little trophies at the end of each week for all her hard work, mine has yet to take the disapproving frown off its face! Nevertheless, I have been jogging which is HUGE! I Started out the first week with 5 minutes out of the 45 I walk (by the way, my watch tells me that walking is about as much use as sitting on the couch as far as heart helath goes! – At least the speed I walk is). That went OK, and for the next week I though I would try to run 10 minutes and I would allow myself to quit as soon as the 10 minutes were up. I started taking 45 minutes to finish 10 minutes running, however by the end of the week I was down to 30 minutes. The following week (last week) I was up to 15 minutes and one day I completed the 15 in only 22 minutes!!! So far I have been taking about 30 minutes to finish my total time which is not bad! This week however I am up to 20 minutes and my back is already sore. I am going to persevere though and try to make sure I do at least 4 20 minute runs this week. I have also redesigned my weight schedule to accommodate time at the gymnastics gym where I can do some bodyweight work. All I have to do now is actually do it!! And maybe stop eating so many sausages.