Just as I did when I started, I want to go back to the Canada day weekend and the events that transpired. In this case they are significant because for the first time in, well, almost 9 years I suppose, Nicole and I went camping. Nicole found a small place not far from Toronto called Golden Beach Resort where you can camp but have the luxury (!) of electricity, running water and an enclosed washroom. I am not sure whose idea it was, nor who was actually responsible for arranging the group, other than the fact that Lori paid (and made sure everyone knew). In fact, so impressed with herself we were led to believe that she had named herself the “owner” of the group and made her wishes for camp locations quite clear to the resort staff. Anyhoo, we ended up being a group of 5 tents, mostly couples, all except us with kids. The site was really nice, very close together but since there were so many of us in the group we basically took over the area where we camped making it our own little sanctuary. There was tons of stuff for the kids to do, lots of games areas, basketball and tennis courts, a pool, some jungle gyms and so on. There was also a store on the property that had everything you could wish for, so even if we hadn’t packed every single last thing that we owned, we could have bought whatever we needed on site.
The first night was the only night that everyone was going to be there and so we all hung out and chatted and set up our camps.