Well it’s that time of year again. Usually around this time if my resolutions have failed and I am feeling particularly ambitious I will give up something for lent. I have had unusual success with lent quitting, I recall such things as giving up sugar in my tea which lasted forever, and giving up caffeine for a year and pop for a year both of which were successful enterprises.This year however I am going for something a little more ambitious, however vague, it is something that I feel I need to attempt. This year I am giving up being a fat person. I have been a fat person for a long time now, ever since the surgery and I seem to have fallen into a cycle of self-pity that is really not helping. I suppose were I on Dr Phil’s stage he would tell me to stop playing the victim and although I resist this notion I feel that there may be a ring of truth to it. So I am deciding that it is time to get back to my life. The life I had before the surgery. Working out regularly, eating well, running and playing sports and generally not being a lazy fat person. I know that the risk of hurting my back is still very much a part of my life however I guess what I am saying is that I am not going to let that rule my life any more. This is in large part a result of my upcoming birthday too. Turning 40 is not something that I am particularly looking forward to but at the same time it is an opportunity to do something exceptional with my life. Of course this is all well and good to decide now but it is in the trenches that the wars are won. It is in the darkly lit living room where the snacks attack and the tired afternoons where the lazy person craves the couch. These are the battlefields where the fat person is defeated. They are also the places that the fat person is created.

So call it the maple syrup from the pancakes I had for breakfast talking but I am feeling particularly motivated right now. I am disappointed that I cut so much weight for the wedding and gained the majority of it back and although that does not really make up a big part of my motivation, it is a sign that my self control and my discipline are sorely lacking. So it is time to be my own coach. I feel that I do a pretty good job coaching the girls at gymnastics, and I know that in the past I have done a great job with my own workout discipline. It is about time that I stop listening to the fat person inside my head and reprogram that voice with the motivated, healthy and fit person that was in there before.

So here I go, officially for lent I am giving up being fat! Wish me luck!!