At work I have a cabinet door in front of my face upon which I tape printed calendars for 3 or 4 months at a time. Today it was time to take down the last 3 and put up the remaining 4 months of the year in preparation for coaching etc. Here is a short list of dates that I may have skipped in my blogging efforts:

May 12 Dr Alex
Jun 16 Julia Bday
Jun 22 Teranet Meeting, Dr Alex, setup for Vaughan Competition
Jun 23 – 25 Vaughan Competition
Jun 29 Mike and Isabel?
Jun 2 Mike and Isabel came to stay
Jun 11 Test test
Jun 15 Hastings
Jun 17 eCare go live
Jun 24 Pizza Party at Gym
Jun 26 Last day of coaching
Jun 27 Dr Alex
July 4 – 6 Camping
July 7 Dr Alex
July 18 – 20 Camping and car wheel wrecking
July 21 Dr Alex
July 22 Dentist – Left my dentist
July 31 Dr Alex
August 1 – 19 England
August 19 Test test
August 21 Trend Micro here for Virus demo