I have been concentrating on other things and if there is one thing that I have learned over the years it is that I tend to lean towards exclusion when I work rather than inclusion. This simply means that if I am concentrating at going to the gym and watching my diet, that this blog and a myriad of other real life events go lacking. I do have good new to report however and that is that since I joined WW again I have lost a total of 20lbs! That also means that I am half way to my goal of being 250lbs by 2009!
My focus is akin to the focus test I give to our kids at gym where you give them 30 seconds to look at everything red in the room and then once they close their eyes you ask them to name all the things in the room that are blue. Try it on someone you know, its a fun way to make them feel stupid!
So it is weigh in night tonight and yes, I am going to fill another entry with boring stuff about my workouts and weight! i was 270.6 last week and am hoping this week to be slightly down. Slightly because last week was Steve B’s wedding and Thanksgiving, both events which would usually spell disaster for the prudent eater. So as long as I am not up, my streak will stay alive and my hope of beating my 14 weeks in a row of loss last year will be intact.
So how have I done it? Well, i have given up wheat again, eating lots of fruit and veg and having a smoothie for breakfast. Also I have recorded several personal best weights at the gym, being able to bench 315, shoulder press 300 on the Hammer machine and also row 300 on the Hammer back machine. I can shoulder press about 270 on the smith machine but my shoulders are in constant pain. Actually, having said that, they don’t feel that bad today! 🙂
I am also doing some long walks, on saturday while Nicole is personal training I go to the basement and walk for over an hour and try to do that at least one other time during the week. I have not run in a while and I think maybe tonight I will see how my lap times are now that my weight is down a bit.
I do need to be a little more consistent with my cardio but it is very hard when I am so tired after my weights. At the least I should be able to do 20 minutes after weights each day.
So I will keep soldiering on, and hope that tornight I can rescue a loss and that this week while we are going to be in Vegas that I can keep my eye on the prize!