I am, I suppose, fortunate that I have had the opportunity to own some truly wonderful pets in my time. However, during times of sickness there is very little consolation to be had in a lifetime of love and adoration. There is nothing quite like the bond that you have with a pet, and for me, the bond I form with my cats is of great wealth and significance to me. It is for that reason that my heart still hurts too much to spend any time thinking of Thunder. The story is too sad for me to relay, too fresh in my mind for me to convey. However, the inevitable end is something that I will never forget just as I cannot shake the memories of my former pets who have all at some time met their end.
Thunder fought as long as he could, he was so brave, so charming and loving to the very end. In the end he just couldn’t heal from the surgery he had for his UTI stones. In as much as this is heartbreakingly short, it is as much as I am prepared to say so that I can move along and help to fill in these pages with the minutiae of life that will wash over my emotions and heal the great void that he left in my heart.
So long little friend, I love you.