Sleepy Autumn mist settles in the valleys
caressing the form of the cars passing through
Songbirds sleep longer, the sun struggles up
As the day fights the nightime, breaking anew.

Well, it is getting towards hibernation time here in the Great White North. For the first time the other day the automatic headlights in the truck stayed on all the way to work meaning that the days are significantly shorter now. The weather has been warm still however they are calling for an overnight temperature of only 2° tonight north of the city. I guess Frosty won’t be far behind!
The coaching year starts tonight, although officially it started on Saturday I only had an hour private with Lia to contend with whereas Nicole had her first 3 hour class with her comp group. My Saturday class got canned after the dismal attendance last year which in turn says my salary also got cut by just over 1/3. To compensate we are doing additional private classes on Fridays, something with which I am suddenly not particularly thrilled knowing that I am already missing working out on Tuesday and Thursday and after coaching on a Friday what are the odds I am going to go to the gym and lift weights? Ya, zero!
To football and the Newcastle debacle has finally ended the way I had assumed it would with Keegan leaving and apparently most of his staff being “let go” at the same time. If Liverpool had any sense they would scoop him and Dalglish up as assistant coaching / board consultants since there seems to be a lack of football experience further up the chain from Benitez nowadays.
Work is fine, although very busy with small annoying projects and loose end jobs to finish. I am toying with the idea of taking the CISSP boot camp and exam in an attempt to convince Australia of my worth. However the course and exam are $4000 which naturally I don’t have. I’ll see if the hospital will pony up the dough for it but I shall not be holding my breath.
The weight loss is going OK, at WW I weighed in a whopping 7.2lbs less than 2 weeks ago. If I can keep that up I will be back to at least feeling human, not bovine, in a few short weeks. The least I have been at home is 281lbs, down 10lbs from my heaviest.
Ask me in a few weeks what I feel about Rayman and the Rabbids.